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Hey beautiful!!

I'm Jeanne Iracema, half French, half Brazilian, living in between Paris and London and travelling the world...

I am so passionate about wellness, women and motherhood, I mean we create life, how magic is that? And every day I am astonished by the wonders of nature...

Believing in paradise on earth, I am constantly working towards this goal!

Being pregnant and birthing naturally, at home, my baby boy Alaya, surely reinforced that!!

It was the most beautiful and powerful experience I ever lived... And since this beautiful day in addition to supporting women to connect to their sacred feminine and be their best, healthy, version, I am guiding women transitioning to motherhood!

Helping them thrive throughout pregnancy, empowering them to birth their children naturally and connect with their intuition!

So they can find their own way of navigating becoming a mother and really welcome their baby.


I'm a holistic health coach graduated from IIN and CHOPRA Institute (two New York prestigious coaching schools).


I curate unique wellness events where my goals are to showcase the beauty and wonders of nature and bring amazing women together to ground themselves here and now and feel good, holistically and on a deeper level (body, mind and soul).

I create women's circles, 21 day challenges as well as 1:1 and group coaching where I guide powerful women around the world in their beautiful transformation. 


My goal is to help you be authentically you, finding your path to happiness, taking full responsibility for your life and becoming the best mama so you can fully be present and raise beautiful humans!

I deeply believe that we change the world one birth at a time.

Creating more love and connection in this world has such a positive impact...

I have always channelled positivity and will always work to create more beauty and balance in this world...


I can't wait to hear about you!



Jeanne Iracema.



Discovery call

A deep inventory which gives us at the end of our session a clear vision of where you are at...

And if we are a good match, how I can support you!

One to One Coaching

We dive into the core of your journey, identify together your blocks and create clear action steps to achieve your goals! 

So you can be your highest self and thrive in all areas of your life!

Every session is unique as we all are and tailor made around your needs!

Group Coaching

A support group of powerful mamas (or soon to be) guided, with simple yet powerful tools, by Jeanne Iracema!

So you can really enjoy this powerful journey!

Want to discuss which is right for you?


"Jeanne might not know the full importance and the space she has in my life ! She’s been helping me with myself before even knowing her personally ! Her light is so bright it makes you feel so lucky to have her in your Life. She always finds a way to make you think for yourself, short and long term but she also finds the right energy and messages to fill your heart with love and peace even when it’s hard to do so! I thank her from the bottom of my soul for taking the time to make people see light in their lives and to be so committed.

Her "21 day challenge" have left me feeling more centered, more loved... I feel more unity and that actually we are never alone. Now I feel more safe to share my experiences with people I don’t know personally and I'm re-gaining trust progressively.

I could express the whole experience with this word: gratitude ! A notion I’ve highly learned with my dear Jeanne, a notion I start valuing more and more everyday. I think, it slowly unlocked few sides of my traits. Moreover, sharing this with people, who also shared their life and open up to you was just lovely!!". Rania.

"I’m so happy and honoured I found Jeanne on IG. I love her ethos on why she started her own well-being journey and its really inspiring. Her energy is wonderful and even though we have only done zoom sessions, she is incredibly easy to talk to, her guidance is really natural and makes everyone feel comfortable and in a judgment free zone. For this I’m so grateful and I’m excited to continue my well being journey with her :)

I feel great after the challenge. I feel like this 21 day journey has simply taught me to take a moment out for my own head space and become aware.

My favorite thing was to learn all of these beautiful techniques. Thank you for being such a wonderful guide, Jeanne! This has taught me that life really does not need to be so complicated. I’m so excited to continue this journey with you". Maddi.

"Jeanne is a wonderful and transformative coach, the 21 day challenge was a great addition to the one on one work we do together. The breathing exercise and daily gratitude has been a great addition to my daily practice and I loved the empress mediation she created and the barefoot in nature challenge.". Suzannah.

"The 21 day challenge was the boost I needed to help me start to put in practise that make me feel my best.

I loved building day by day a positive routine to start my day and prioritising self care.

The meditations were so beautiful and calming overall I felt much more grounded, centred and ready to approach my day in gratitude, I loved it. 

I enjoyed having a nice routine to start the day. I am much more energised from carving out "me time"and my mood has improved from the gratitude and beautiful meditations.I loved the way the morning routine built up and having a different mini challenge or task daily to complete. 

Jeanne was the perfect host and held a beautiful space. I loved being held accountable! Felt so good after. Thank you!!". Hannah.

"I'm feeling so grateful after this 21 day challenge, I loved belonging to a sweet community. Feeling awake, more conscious and caring more for myself.

Everyday her input was top : take care of yourself, enjoy life, adopting a positive bright perspective, not invasive, but very natural.

A beautiful trip into wellness and love and respect.

Jeanne's approach is bright, smart, sweet and full of good vibes and positive energy. Looking forward to being hugged by these beautiful feelings in the next challenge!". Fede.

"Jeanne has beautifully fallen into my life. Her meditations as well as her coaching have been guiding me the last few months. And each one is lifted with love and light.

It has been wonderful to share a space like this with like minded people as well as with consistent good energy.

I feel good since, I enjoyed the routine a lot, it is nice to be able to share the space with others also going through the same growth. 

It is very evident that you can feel the energy in the group, it's wonderful to understand that it is a community". Silvana.

"When I started talking to Jeanne almost a year ago I was going through one of the most difficult and life-changing periods of my adult life. I had just split from my ex-husband and combined with the uncertainty of 2020, everything seemed to be falling apart. My goals where to find happiness in myself, focus on the future and become independent.

Jeanne helped me work towards these goals by asking me to create a clear image of what I plan to manifest for myself through everyday exercises of gratitude and clarity.

Since then everything has changed, the most tangible change has been my confidence in myself that I am a worthy person and in the power I have to create abundance for myself and loved ones. This translated in my everyday life by a surge of amazing things flowing to me professionally, and emotionally.

I would describe Jeanne as and amazing listener as well as prompter for me to discover myself. She is patient, insightful and supportive.

I recommend anyone going through hard times or just looking for some clarity to create a path that flows and makes you happy, to reach out and connect with Jeanne. She has been a key factor in me gaining my life back and creating more beauty for myself and my family"Mai

"For me it was a lovely first time in participating in a Women Circle & Moon Circle (ever) I was pleased by the experience! I am so grateful about the outcomes, the amazing sessions and the lovely energy.
Looking forward to the upcoming events, they are rich on their little secrets, mindful advices, and generous listening. 

I felt definitely better than the previous days. The Circle is very relevant to what I am experiencing at the moment. I started to apply some of Jeanne’s tips, I can already feel another kindness toward myself and my journey. The Circle has this amazing energy that is much appreciated. 

The breathing exercise was absolutely amazing to try! Since then, I rely on the 4/7/8 daily.
I truly enjoyed the guided meditation, the purposeful interrogations, the flow within the Circle. Everything!!

Looking forward for the Tarot reading ;-) as well as  some healthy nutrition advice 

and some fitness tips!!

Lovely experience! Filled with joy, intentions, gratitude, and kindness. An amazing time to check-in with myself and my moods. It was very helpful to be guided with meditations and their outputs. I am very grateful to have experience these three sessions, looking forward to the upcoming ones. I can certainly 

better understand some of my thoughts, the Circle is refreshing and even thought is a personal journey, I appreciated the community ambiance. It is certainly a monthly date that I will be happy to investigate further. Un grand merci ! 

Jeanne is an adorable human being! Kind intentions, lovely energy, passionate, and inspirational. Mindful
coaching approaches, tips & advices on point. Generous of her time, precious interactions. Une crème de la crème – précieuse humaine!!
" Firdaous

"Jeanne helped me to be more present, calm and soft, finding more ways to be grateful as well as finding love with myself and the people I surround myself with!

She helped me by listening, caring and providing honest feedback. 

All these baby steps start to add up and before you know it ,you are truly changing your negative patterns into new positive habits.  It’s much easier to change for the better when you have a guide.

Since the beginning of the program (this one is simple yet such game changer) I am not getting stuck on fearful thoughts and worries nearly as much as before. I am reminding myself to just have fun. So many people overcomplicate self-help and Jeanne’s honest no pressure approach is  refreshing and encouraging to me.

The most significant overall change I have noticed is letting go of the past and making room for joy.

Changing feels like a hallway. On one side there is your past, on the other side is your future. 

Jeanne is a beautiful combination of peaceful and

powerful. Trustworthy! 

One of my favorite humans of 2020/2021 hahaa

Having someone like her I respect to hold me accountable is invaluable. A spa treatment lasts for 60 minutes , the work we do ripples out for hours, days, weeks… seems like a better deal ;)Goldie

"Jeanne provide me support, guidance, regular checkpoints and information!! Since beginning this program I have gain awareness, 

healthy outlook on the process of changing lifestyles…

I have notice a signifiant change about the way I interact with food and wellness!

Jeanne is caring, loving and very knowledgeable on the subjects.

I would recommend you to take this journey it will better your life in many different aspects!Faridath

"The experience of the challenge Jeanne put together was very rewarding. Going into the challenge I had no expectations but knew that I have been spending most of my time working with other people and not as much time for myself.

One of the things I’ve been noticing since doing the challenge was my ability to remove distractions. Things like watching tv before bed or staying on my phone scrolling were affecting my ability to work on my art. One challenge in particular that really resonated with me was the one where you had to compliment everyone. I thought this would be easy because it’s something I tend to do with strangers often because I like seeing people light up. The challenging part was to compliment people you may not be fond of. I ended up complimenting one of my colleagues that I didn’t particularly like and our dynamic changed a lot from something so simple.

We may never like each other but that interaction at least brought us to a more positive and less defensive place. I work as a physical therapist at an inpatient rehab so working as a team is crucial and this has made her and I better communicators for our team. Lastly the best part of all this has been reconnecting to dancing everyday. I’m incredibly grateful for the safe and beautiful space Jeanne created and in a very nurturing way she pushed us to work hard on ourselves". Bella

"It was the first time that I participate in a circle! I felt relaxed and realigned.

The best part for me was the breathing techniques and being brave enough to ‘share’ our experiences.

This experience was warm, friendly, balanced.

Jeanne thanks for your work!" Zoé




Thanks for joining us!

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