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I  started offering women circles and step by step these have grown to include more and more regulars. I now hold a space, weekly, for these incredible, powerful women.

Organically this space now welcome powerful mamas (or soon to be).

The connection and synchronicity about all these women's stories and the wonderful love and support emanating push me to start this group coaching… The « feel good group » as they like to call it :) I include in every session some wonderful exercises, sometimes a meditation and so much more to help you thrive and feel good!

I'm launching a new group coaching : Mama natural (From A to Z : getting pregnant, the three trimesters and the postpartum). You can join for the whole program or by session :)


Want to join the community? send me an email, telling me what are you expecting from this and why this time is right for you ❤️ If it’s a good match, I will send you the access to log in, then you can directly book your sessions.

"Jeanne has beautifully fallen into my life. Her meditations as well as her coaching have been guiding me the last few months. And each one is lifted with love and light.

It has been wonderful to share a space like this with like minded people as well as with consistent good energy.

I feel good since, I enjoyed the routine a lot, it is nice to be able to share the space with others also going through the same growth. 

It is very evident that you can feel the energy in the group, it's wonderful to understand that it is a community". Silvana.

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