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We dive into the core of your journey, identify together your blocks and create clear action steps to achieve your goals! 

So you can be your highest self and thrive in all areas of your life!

Every session is unique as we all are and tailor made around your needs!


One of the tools that I use is called « The circle of life» so wonderful it helps you reflect on the main areas of your life. 

From there, we will have a good understanding and a clear vision of where we need to focus!

I will help you design your goals and create the right action steps, make you accountable until you succeed!


Every wonderful woman that I had the chance to coach transformed their lives in so many ways from their relationship with themselves and others, their health, well-being and now they have a clear purpose in life (we could call it dharma, life mission or ikigai). I would love to put all my expertise, tools, attention and intuition to your service! I deeply recommend you to commit to yourself for a minimum of 12 sessions if you are looking for great results! To guide you through transformation I encourage 2 sessions each month for 6 months!

"Jeanne provide me support, guidance, regular checkpoints and information!! Since beginning this program I have gain awareness, 

healthy outlook on the process of changing lifestyles…

I have notice a signifiant change about the way I interact with food and wellness!

Jeanne is caring, loving and very knowledgeable on the subjects.

I would recommend you to take this journey it will better your life in many different aspects!Faridath.

One to One Coaching

Thanks for joining One to One Coaching!

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